Coverage maps for fixed broadband access



Fixed coverage provided by operators

Proximus, SFR (previously Numericable), Telenet and VOO have deployed fixed networks in Belgium. They operate these networks to provide broadband access services, fixed telephony services and television services. BIPT gathered information from these four operators on their network coverage in order to draw a map representing the coverage of fixed broadband access.

The coverage maps above provide an overview of the coverage regarding fixed broadband access by all the operators active on the Belgian market. It also provides useful information to the Belgian and European political authorities on the deployment degree of networks. Among others, it allows them to identify the "white spots" that are not or poorly served.

The coverage maps indicate, at the level of 19.782 sectors, the percentage of households that can be connected to the broadband access service according to the different download speeds (1, 30, 60 and 100 Mbit/s). Sectors with the same colour on the map may in fact comprise a strongly different number of households (and therefore of connectable households). This is linked to the fact that the map does not represent the number but the rate of connectable households. Therefore, a section may have a relatively high number of connectable households compared with another section with the same colour on the map. Moreover, the surface of the sections is not proportionate to the number of households. It means that two sections of equal size can have a very different number of households.

In Belgium, the overall rates of connectable households amount to 99,9% (1 Mbps), 95,5% (30 Mbps), 93,8% (60 Mbps) and 92,5% (100 Mbps). Given these percentages, it can be considered that the sections in light green on the map have in fact a relatively lower amount of households.

3G or 4G Internet access is also possible via the mobile networks of operators. In practice, bit rates range around several tens of Mbit/s depending on the number of users. The coverage of mobile networks in Belgium is available in the mobile section of the Atlas

Lastly, broadband access services are also available via the satellite technology all over the country after installing an antenna.

Alternative operators

In Belgium, fixed services are not only provided by the four fixed network operators, but also by a certain number of competing operators or by business partners. These currently use the networks of Proximus, Telenet or VOO in order to provide their services.

The following list can be used to determine which network is used by each of these providers:

  • Proximus: EDPnet, Billi, EVONET Belgium N.V., Scarlet and United Telecom,
  • Telenet: Orange (Ex-Mobistar)
  • VOO: Orange (Ex-Mobistar)